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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We Live!

In the past weeks we have burrowed deep into ourselves. Taking care of the pains of being separated from our friends, getting rid of colds and flus, renewing our visas in NYC while "the gates" were standing.

It is hot and getting hotter in Oaxaca. We can see the insects flourishing after a relatively dormant period. We feel heat in the house for the first time, when previously there had been many cold days and nights. And we are preparing for a flood of friends. Happily.

This past month has marked a turning point. We are over half way through with our stay. Now every decision is judged against a ticking clock. The clock also pushes us to do the things that we truly want to do. I am learning a plastering process 400 years old using hydrated lime and nopal. Tracy is taking pictures like mad and already has two shows in the works upon her return. (sign up here to book her). Alta is discovering and shipping new product like mad. Muriel and Leland are both drawing all the time. They are soaking up the Spanish language as if it were their first.

So this is short. I wanted to get the ball rolling again. Next, I'll have Tracy tell us about her days spent photographing the Rudy Brothers Circus.



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