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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

First real day of film writing here in Oaxaca. I spent the morning preparing a cataloging system for script ideas and typing up some script ideas from the past. It is important to me that I give myself some writing time to unwind and consider many possibilities.

Then in the afternoon, I met with Guillermo Monteforte and the filmmakers from Ojo De Agua Communicacion. Roberto, Kim, Clara, Sergio, and later Bruno. I saw about 5 different film/videos and got an introduction to the way this group works. They seem to do quite a bit of work directly enabling indigenous people to make their own videos or tell their own stories. I saw a 10 minute spot about a government project in Guerrero that has been planning to flood over 20 villages to make way for a hydroelectric dam.

Roberto had just returned from a National Geographic Doc festival in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. His piece was also a short, but about Marcos and his trip to Mexico City with the Zapatistas. I had never really heard Marcos's words as clearly as I did today. Perhaps I had a better perspective this time.

This Saturday I'll show STRAY, the only film I brought with me to Oaxaca.


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