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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Okay--here's my first entry!

There is so much that we've seen in our first (almost) 6 weeks, that there is no way to recount it all. I'll make a short list for now, and add memories as they surface:

Regular trips to the various mercados--seeing and buying all manner of items--woven grass mats; woven plastic bags; hicama, mangos, bananas; tortillas, tlayudas, memelas, blandas; plastic market bags; flowers; rebosos----and on. Our very favorite place is Mercado Abastos which is really one of the wonders of the world. I truely think I could go there every day until we return in June, and still not see everything. It is a confluence of the widest manner of humanity and of every object or food that one could imagine.

Taking the bus to school with the kids. Nearly every bus has some sort of religious alter or reference in the front. I'm thinking of a photo series...

The various vehicles that go down the street with a loud speaker blasting jingles and commands to buy a product, (or elect an official...they had a local election here in early Oct)

Walking, walking, walking. It is heaven not having a car. We see so much and feel so unencumbered. It is amazing the glimpses seen through open doorways--varying from palatial courtyards to shantytowns--and they could be right next to one another....

The light--pervasive, saturating--simultaneously blinding and life affirming.

Colors everywhere. Buildings, clothing, and beyond.

Muriel and Leland are currently around the corner attending a dia de los muertos art class with an artist named Spider. They went last Saturday and will go again next Saturday too. They make tremendous stuff there--t-shirts and pillows that they paint with day of the dead images, paper maiche skulls...and they learn the spanish language of art. Their spanish is coming along--it is incredible to observe. Our room is connected to theirs, and often when they are playing in there on their own, I'll hear them talking (partially) in spanish.

We think the rainy season is truely over--there had been rain storms every afternoon, but we haven't had rain for 4 days going now. Oh well. There is nothing so delicious as an afternoon rainstorm on hot sundrenched days.

The kids need to be retrieved from their art class. More to come!


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