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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Slow day. Some sort of bone crunching fever today, coming on yesterday. Spent most of day in bed, but watched two fun Mexican films: La Oveja Negra (the black sheep) and La Ilusion viaja en travia (Illusion (or dreams) travels in streetcars). The latter is a film by Luis Bunuel about two guys who bumblingly steal a streetcar and give away free rides throughout Mexico City while trying to get the car back without being noticed.

Am ready to meet with Guillermo Monteforte of Ojo de Agua, a film collective here that makes anthropological films and works with indigenous folks to train them to make films for themselves. He and I spoke of sharing our work and perhaps a show for STRAY in Oaxaca!


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Hey Thomas-

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Last I checked, the blog was in 2nd place.

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